Support CDM High Athletics

Hi Harbor View Parent.  Your support is appreciated at the 11/18 School Board Meeting (at 6pm) on an important issue affecting the facilities that will be available to our children when they “graduate” to CDM High School.  Several of our high school sports teams have been playing on substandard facilities for years.  Due to some special, one-time state grants, the opportunity exists to substantially upgrade these facilities.

Please note the following quotes from our Harbor View PFO President, Helen MacKinnon, from a CDM Zone meeting she attended last week:

School Board President, Karen Yelsey, and CDM principal, Kathy Scott, have asked that we share try to get as many folks as possible in the audience at the meeting on Tuesday night. No need to speak! Just be there in numbers. They are especially asking for support from our elementary schools as our kids will be the beneficiaries of this great project.

The link for the School Board Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 6pm is:

I plan on attending and I hope you can as well. Please get information out to your parents as soon as possible. We need grassroots support from all families in the zone to ensure that this side of the bay gets the athletic field it needs to support our amazing athletic programs now and in the future! Basically, this Agenda item is a status report to allow the Deputy Superintendent (Paul Reed) to take the necessary next steps in the planning process for the Athletic Field renovations and to then present the issue to the Board of Education for decision at the December 9, 2014 Board meeting. $7.4 million in funds have already been approved for this project. The funds came from one time State of California Redevelopment assets last year.

I hope you can join us.