Harbor View Dads Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club Event June 6, 2019 6:00-9:00pm

Please join us for the last Harbor View Dads event of the 2018-19 school year hosted by the Boaz family and the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club! We will recognize Dr Schmidt for 7 years of making learning our adventure. We will recognize Harbor View Dads with 6th graders that will be departing this year (we'll miss your Smitty). And we will be voting on new officers for the 2019-20 school year. Please join us for what is sure to be an exceptional event! Please use the Punchbowl invitation link below to RSVP for this very special event and make a donation to the Harbor View school!


Chili Cookoff Thank you!

Thank you to all the Harbor View Dads who were able to attend our chili cookoff event this week. It was a huge success on many levels. We received a funding request from Dr. Schmidt for a Life Skills Enrichment Program for our students in partnership with HVPFO. During the chili cookoff we subsequently raised over $4000 to fund this amazing program and we had a lot of fun too.  Congratulations to Mr. Tim Wilson and Mr. Jason Bartusick for producing the winning chilis.

The Life Skills Program will educate our students on mental and social life skills they use outside of the classroom such as coping with anxiety or stress, setting and achieving goals, developing empathy and compassion, resolving conflicts, and making responsible decisions. The Program will also interface with parents to support the implementation of these skills. 

Join us next month for additional details. Our schedule is posted in the Events menu at www.harborviewdads.com.

Photo Below: Mr. Jason Bartusick (left) and Mr. Tim Wilson (right), winners of the Golden Ladle and the 2019 Harbor View Dads Chili Cookoff.


Cards Night Thank You

Thank you for your continued support of the kids at Harbor View. We raised more than $1500 to support the funding requests that our principal identifies throughout the school year, which we warmly refer to as the Principal’s Fund. There were a lot of new dads at the event asking how they can get involved in the Board. Please do not hesitate to contact any Board Member for further information, or by sending an email to Steve@HarborViewDads.com

At our Board Meeting before the Cards event we discussed the $150,000+ contributions the dads have made to the school to date, the $1000 we raised for the kids at the Back To School Parent Social, the additional teachers this year made possible by our community connecting with our principal Todd Schmidt and our District Trustee Karen Yelsey, and the upcoming Harbor View Dads events including the HVE Par 3 Shootout scheduled for Monday December 10, 2018. Please follow our Events using the link on our website and stay tuned to www.harborviewdads.com for further details. 

Thank you,

Harbor View Dads