Purpose of the HV Dads

The Harbor View Dads have organized to provide support to the Harbor View Elementary School so that it can maintain a safe and excellent learning environment for our children.

The group’s primary method of providing support is through funding programs that the group believes improve the educational experience of the children.

The group meets once a month during the school year for social, educational and/or entertaining activities, typically on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Members are asked to contribute modest donations at each monthly meeting.

The Harbor View Dads is a California 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation. All contributions are tax deductible.

The Harbor View Dads Federal Identification Number is 45-2768808.

Current Leadership

2018-19 School Year Leadership

Board Members: 

Steve Winners, JR Walz, Jeff Edwards, Bob Smith, Dan Boaz, Art Varela, Bryce Mott, Aaron Sobaski, Barry Porter, Bobbi Barzi, Dean Ledger, John Hamel, Patrick Charriou, Ryan Taylor, Tim Wilson, Dr. Todd Schmidt (school principal)



President: Steve Winners

Secretary/Treasure: JR Walz

Events/Membership: Jeff Edwards, Dan Boaz

* Elections for new Board Members and Officers are held at the second HV Dads event each school year.