The Harbor View Dads Board of Directors has recently introduced "team harbor view dads." An initiative designed to improve every aspect of student life at Harbor View through a team concept that gives all dads a chance to make an impact and develop closer ties with the HV community.

All dads at Harbor View are invited and encouraged to participate with at least one team. By choosing to participate, a team member can commit as much or as little time as he sees fit. As with all team structures, there are a variety of roles to be played. Most likely, a few key team members will drive the majority of the action. Some members will become active on a situational basis and the remainder will provide counsel and moral support. We want to make a place for everyone on at least one of the teams and have them feel comfortable in contributing however they are able.

Teams are lead by Team Leaders. A team may have more than one Team Leader. At least one of the Team Leaders will be a member of the Board of Directors. This will allow the team to communicate seamlessly with the Board. Team Leaders will not be required to deliver a report at every Board Meeting. However, they will be given time on the agenda if they make a request in advance of the meeting. They can also speak to the Board during Open Forum time if they do not request time in advance. Team Leaders can also request to be on the agenda at HV Dads events to speak to the broader HV Dads audience to publicize a cause they have developed.

So, please consider joining a team today! The top 4 reasons to join a team are:

1. Share your relevant experience and expertise with a team and the school community at large.
2. Learn something new about an area of student life.
3. Provide input and make an impact on an issue you feel passionate about.
4. Gain exposure to a group of dads with similar interests and ideas.
If you wish to learn more about any of the teams, please feel free to email